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Instead of reading for Soc, I’m reading about getting more and more confused about the world

So I happen to keep up with news sometimes, and today I read that a 24 year old American citizen Matthew Todd Miller was just sentenced to 6 years of hard labor in North Korea for “seeking asylum” in the country. He now joins two other US citizens that have been kept in the hostile country for months.

I have so many concerns and even more questions…

for one thing, they interviewed Matthew (with north Korean guards watching of course), and he said he had reached out numerous times to the US government for help. However, if you were seeking asylum in one of the US’ biggest enemies, why are you now asking for their help? you ripped up you visa in plain sight of officials. come on man.

as for the government though.. they really cant get these people out without giving NK certain nuclear weapon clearances which obviously no one wants. But you cant help but feel bad for these three people over there. the labor camps resemble German concentration camps during WW2, and even Kenneth bae (one of the 3 americans) who has been detained for 2 years says he will not make it through his whole sentence of 15 years, because his health is drastically declining.

NK is a fucked up little country, I’m sorry. I don’t know why anyone would travel there alone and without supervision. Like the other American who was traveling there and left a bible in a hotel room, and will now be facing trial for hostile action in the next month, presumably. but then again, Obama just keeps letting everyone walk all over America like its nothing. 



are we sure this fandom can survive what’s coming, I mean, we barely survived Taylor joining Tumblr


i cant wait

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The best thing ever is having a text waiting for you after a run 😍


Congratulations to Shakira and Gerard, who confirmed finally the pregnancy of their second child! :) 

Of all the millions on the planet you’re the one who’s keeping me on it.

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